Wednesday, November 6, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness **Day 6**


Even though this crazy little guy of mine is part hyena, mixed with a dash of narcissist and a sprinkle of sociopath, I still look at him when he's asleep (creepy) and wonder at the marvel that is my first child.  

I never imagined when I got that positive test on Friday, April 15, 2011, that life as I knew it would be forever different.  I don't think I will ever forget that moment when your whole brain shifts and you officially aren't about yourself anymore.  

This almost 2 year old is spunky, feisty and everything in between.  He's not much of a cuddler or snuggler, just like his mommy.  He may be all daddy on the outside but he is 100% all mommy on the inside.  I got the chance to take him to see The General last night (thankfully my dad was having a great night) and I realized why Oliver has been bitten at daycare 5 times.  Boy DOES NOT give up when he wants something.  He and my dad were playing with The General's cane and Oliver would.not.let.go.  I nearly wet myself from laughter.  What can I say?  He knows what he wants when he wants it.

So, on Day 6, as much as he makes me completely crazy and I fluctuate between eating my feelings away and wanting to drink myself into a coma, I am so thankful I have Oliver in my life.  Every day is a new day and it is truly amazing to watch him grow and learn.

He has just discovered how much fun puddles can be

Ralphie replacement?

This just melts my cold, cold heart

Pretty much my children to a t


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