Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness **Day 8**

DAY 8 - ??

 Is it okay to not really know what to be thankful for? I will be perfectly honest, and I do hope I don't sound like a broken record.  I am really struggling.  Incredibly struggling.  Like, this is the lowest low my life has ever been.  My dad is on a radiation table right now, on Day 3 of his treatment.  I know the end result of this.  It will not end the way I want it to.  So, how to I come to terms with this?  I could really use some help today.  

I was not prepared to be down one parent in the near future.  Then again, I guess no one ever really is.  I should just be thankful that I have been given this blessing of being able to say goodbye.  

So, today, I guess I am thankful for being prepared and saying goodbye.  To knowing I said and did everything I needed to in order to have the best life possible with me and my dad.

I won't even begin to say anything about how terrible I look

Hugs to The General

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  1. Oh, that hug picture is the best! My heart is with you at this time, Valerie! I know it means so much to your dad to have you and the kids close to him. Please do not give up hope. I know you are struggling with all issues of faith right now, but it is in our moments of sorrow and pain that we need God most...and when I have found that I really feel Him most. You may think me crazy for that, but it is the ONLY thing that has gotten me through these last few months. Hugs and prayers for you!