Monday, November 11, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness Day **9**

DAY 9 - Saturdays 

Is it bad that I work for the weekend?  I feel terrible saying this but I enjoy my time away from the babies during the week. But, I enjoy that I get to play with them and listen to the crazy things that come out of Oliver's mouth lately. I am still so fascinated by the phrases and sentences he has picked up on over the past few weeks. It feels like his language has exploded and I laugh all the time when I'm not beating my head against the wall. 

Today we went to cheer on the runners at the marathon in town. We saw The General. I decided that it was a good idea to clean out their old cloths. I have been Christmas shopping since September and it's embarrassing what they're getting for their birthdays and the holidays.

Please do not judge

We are taking the kids to the Children's Book Festival this Saturday and I cannot wait!!  Yes, I did buy them tshirts to wear.  Judge me if you must!

Here's a photo dump from our day.  Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!

Cinnabon....CeCe approved!

Along with leaves

Cutest little lamb

That would be his jacket he's chewing on

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  1. Awe, I totally know what you mean about working for the weekends! Sometimes it is nice to get away for a little bit (especially when dealing with the craziness of toddlerhood), but it does make us appreciate our time with them even more. Like when I get home and get rushed at the door by two kids giving me big hugs and about knocking me down. Those are the best moments and totally help me put my mind at ease that they aren't "ruined forever" by Mommy having to leave them to go to work. I love the pile of Christmas presents too. I always say I am going to start early, but I think a big deterrent for me is finding a place to keep it all where the kids won't get into it. Haha! Our house is seriously limited in storage space. I don't blame you a bit for "going overboard" because they are only little once. Plus, you have to enjoy getting them all the "fun" little things now because the days are coming when all the want is expensive gadgets and stuff that while costing a lot of money is not as fun to see under the tree. *Sigh* Evan already ask for that kind of stuff (video games, etc.) and then he gets jealous that Brody has more fun stuff under the tree. You just can't explain to a 6 year old how small stuff cost more and the value of the dollar. :-(