Thursday, November 7, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness **Day 7**


Little Ms. CeCe girl is a spitfire.  There is honestly no other way to describe her.  Crazy.   All over the place.  Touching every single thing.  But, she is also the sweetest little punkin that ever lived.  She's a cuddler.  And funny.  My dad had his first day of chemo and radiation yesterday so I stopped by daycare on the way back to work because, honestly, I needed something happy.* 
*Treatment went just fine.  It's just difficult for me to cope with what is happening to my dad.

CeCe's teacher told me that she hopes CeCe never walks because she wants her in her class until she graduates from high school.  I would be lying if I said it didn't bring me joy to know that someone besides my family loves my child.  

Baby girl had her 9 month appointment last Friday and she's 30.5 inches long (+97%) and 24 pounds (+97%).  

On this day of thankfulness, I remember my sweet little one.  The one who I was scared of before she was born.  The one I constantly worry about protecting.  Or screwing up.  My sweet Caroline Cooper.  

Baby girl loves the beach
One of my favorite pictures of her

She's been a Sox fan since birth


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