Monday, April 23, 2012

Oliver meets the beach

We set out early Saturday morning for a day trip to Charleston to take Oliver to Folly Beach and let Aunt JCC see the sights in Charleston for the first time. I have to say, Oliver really surprised all of us and made it down with absolutely no problems. We got to Folly and headed straight to try and eat at The Lost Dog Cafe but it was far too crowded so we scrapped that idea and headed straight to the water.

After lubing Oliver up and carrying what felt like 50 pounds of baby beach equipment, we parked ourselves down and watched him look around in wonderment. It really is so much fun to watch a baby watch things and take everything in for the first time. We (read, ME) forgot the card for the camera so we were forced to capture these precious moments on our cell phones (curse you the ONE time I don't bring the video camera in the diaper bag).

He seemed to not really care one way or the other about the beach and I'm totally putting this in the W column. Believe me, after spending so many days dealing with a screaming baby, it's nice to have one that smiles and doesn't really care what's happening.

We didn't spend too much time at Folly because we know that time with little man is sometimes limited and we take the good time and run with it. Every time we go somewhere there's a clock in my head that runs, saying in 3....2....1 he's going to melt down so let's make this count (boy was I right on this on Sunday when daddy and I tried to get breakfast). Anyway, we decided to let Oliver have a mid morning snack of peas on the beach before we headed on to our next destination, which I think he quite enjoyed.

(Trust me, he wasn't this clean after having his snack...this was the "cleaned-up" version of Oliver).

We all wandered around the Battery, taking pictures and trying to avoid the rain as it decided to roll on. Aunt JCC and I were met with an unfortunate amount of humidity and spent the entire afternoon channeling an 80s hair band video. Trust me, it was ugly.

I will definitely put this day trip to Charleston in the W column because Oliver was good and seemed to enjoy himself everywhere we went. He made lots of friends as we walked around the Market in Charleston and even more while we were shopping at the outlets. I know these are not memories he will ever remember but at least we can say that we did them and look back on these pictures and laugh. I was wondering yesterday if Oliver grows up to be this tall and skinny athlete if he's going to look at himself from this time and wonder what we were feeding him?!? Just know, my future grown up Oliver, that we love every single part of you and everyone you meet comments on just how incredibly adorable you are. Always remember that my sweet little man.

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  1. Hey Valerie - I am a friend of Natalie (A beagle, a baby, and a boy). I followed your comments on her blog here. I LOVE Folly Beach. We fly from Arizona to Charleston every summer for a week at the beach. Gonna be there June 30 to July 10th this year!