Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet boy

Although it looks like I'll be the only person reading this, here's a picture from last night of my sweet boy.  He went from a dark haired, dark eyed blob to a blonde haired, blue eyed kid who smiles ALL THE TIME, even when he's supposed to be in bed.

Oliver and I normally spend nights alone while daddy is getting his education (yay daddy!) and I really am trying to figure out things to do to keep him occupied.  I'd love suggestions on what to do to make sure he doesn't get bored.  A bored Oliver = a cranky Oliver. 

Maybe I'll make this post a picture dump?  Oliver loves food..(these would be avocado)

I entered him in the Gap Casting Call contest but in a sea of 36,000 applicants, I'm guessing my little guy got lost in the shuffle.  It's okay, we still think he's cute.

I guess at some point I can do a post on my love of Smocked clothes.  Ha ha, I'm trying to keep a running picture list of all the outfits he wears.

Or how this is how he spends more evenings.  Is it normal to have the baby not wear clothes at home?  Oliver is having issues with reflux right now and I hate cleaning up vomit.  Seriously, sue me.

Well, this has turned into a random bit of information, hasn't it?  Just an excuse to show off pictures of my little guy, I guess!  Hope it's a good day to anyone who might be reading.

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