Monday, August 6, 2012

Mommy Fail Take Two

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend.   Mine started off like this...

I am not amused you stupid woman
I know, I know.  We're not supposed to give him peanuts or eggs until he is 2.  Okay, well I know that NOW.  Our pediatrician told us at Oliver's last checkup that doctors are now thinking that withholding foods too late can possibly increase the instance of childhood food allergies.  So, I read the AAP and decided what the heck?  Well, lesson learned.  FAIL.

Moments after this I guess Dos decided to revolt and I spent about 30 minutes with my head in the toilet.  Good times!

Still haven't gotten the nerve to tell my boss about Dos yet, although I'm guessing if the asshole wonderful coworker is still reading this, they'll be sure to inform him posthaste.  Thanks in advance for that.

I had to work late tonight and Josh sent me this photo to tell me how much they missed me and couldn't wait for me to get home.

Come home mommy
When did this kid become a mixture of me and Josh?  It's not too terribly often I feel like I can see myself in Josh's clone.  I'll take it.

We attempted to take Oliver to Mass yesterday and let's just say that he won't be joining us again for a VERY long time.  Sigh, oh to have one of those kids that sits and behaves during church.  Not this baby. 

I do hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and start to their week.  Sherry, I hope you're doing okay now and your not so great day has been replaced with love and kisses from your boys!!!


  1. Oh no! That first picture doesn't look good. Don't worry, we all make mistakes.. I use to give Caden his bottle lying down & in turn paid like hell for it once he got an ear infection that wouldn't go away NO MATTER WHAT. End result? Had to have tubes. =[
    Caden doesn't sit in church either, he thinks prayer time = screaming at the top of our lungs! So he plays in the nursery

  2. Awww, it definitely got better when I got home to them...still have a bunch of crap to deal with at work tomorrow though! *Sigh* Let's start a work from home business together, k? Got any ideas? It stinks that little man broke out, but at least now you know what he is allergic too. I felt like such a mommy failure with my first. The doctors and everyone kept making me feel like a bad mama because Evan was so small and barely on the growth curve. When I started trying to feed him rice cereal to fatten him up, he would uncontrollably vomit the entire contents of his stomach all night. When I tried to tell the doctors about it, they'd say "Oh, all babies spit up!" Um, I look stupid to you? This was not a little spit up. This was pathetic vomiting that left my child as limp as a dishrag afterwards. They ran tests but nothing was wrong with him. I refused to feed him any food for the first year that had any rice in it. Then, he had his first cheerio (oats) and did the same. So then it was nothing with rice and oats. His stomach toughened up by the time he was a year old. I tell you this so you'll know that you truly aren't a "bad" mama. It is good that you found out something that is not good for your child, and something that he'll likely outgrow. Imagine what could have happened if Oliver had accidentally ingested peanuts when you weren't with him, and he had a more severe reaction (throat closing up and being unable to breath). I think I would count this one a mommy "win" if I were you! ;-)

  3. Poor baby! How long did it take for the welts to go away?

    We were always really cautious with Spencer starting new foods and we've done the same so far with Elliott. 4 days in between new foods and we go to the further of the recommended age for when to start stuff (like if the recommendation is 8-9 months, we do at the end of 9 months). We actually waited until close to 3 with Spencer for peanut butter. He has no food allergies, but does have exzema which makes him more likely to have food allergies.

    Also, eggs are age 1 and the allergic part of eggs is found in the egg whites, so you can always start him on just yolks when you try eggs again. It's worth a shot.