Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Hey everybody!  Thanks so much for the amazing feedback on yesterday's post.  I really decided to try and show my flaws and y'all made me feel so great from the comments!!

I'm linking up with the lovely Megan today.  Go on over and say hi!  She just found out she's having a little girl.  Can't wait to find out what they name her!!

Sometimes I get so frustrated I want to punch holes in walls.
Always I realize that's not a grown up way to handle things so I take a step back and breathe. 

Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about what will happen in the future.
Always I try to remember that everything happens for a reason and that I can't be so OCD about things.

Sometimes My baby goes to bed at 6 p.m.
Always He sleeps until after 7.  Phew, crawling really must take it out of a little guy, huh?

Sometimes I still find amusement in the mustache app.
Always Okay, I ALWAYS find amusement in the mustache app.

Sometimes I have a bad day and worry all day that the other shoe is going to drop at work.
Always Daddy or Aunt JCC send me videos like this and all is forgotten.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!  Let's do this week up right.

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  1. That's sooo nice that he sleeps so well for you! I hope my future baby sleeps that well, ha!

  2. I am the QUEEN of OCD future planning. Do you know that last week I created a work document planning my child care needs until the year 2017? That's OCD. BTW- that's when Oliver and Elliott will start kindergarten. 2017. Here we start in July, but Oliver will start after Labor Day probably. It seems to far away, but in the blink of an eye I'll be reading your blog post about his first day. I predict he will be wearing a shark shirt. And Dos will be in her second year of preschool.