Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sometimes and Always

How is everyone's week going so far?  Go over and say hello to Megan today.  I bet she and I will be having babies around the same time! 

Sometimes I leave work at lunch in tears, almost the point of hyperventilating.
Always Tomorrow is another day.

Sometimes Plans begin to form and a new life may be in sight one day.
Always I know that life has a way of figuring itself out.

Sometimes I enjoy quiet evenings.
Always I love having my lovies home so I can hang out with them.  Sadness, Josh starts school in 16 days but who is counting?

Sometimes I really do feel like Dos is so much different than pregnancy with Oliver.
Always Stupid Zofran and Phenergan DO NOT WORK!!!!

Sometimes Bad reality tv really does make everything better.
Always I think that I should read more.

Sometimes It makes me nervous and feel weird that my dad actually read my blog.
Always My life is an open book!!  The more readers the merrier!

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this happen but I need to rant for a second.  I tweeted a pretty well read blogger about something her children used and I just wanted to know how to replace the darn batteries.  Absolutely no tweet back.  Seriously???  Is it just me or is that rude?  Please excuse the pregnancy hormones.

I'll be linking up tomorrow with one of the sweetest women I've met through blogging.  Be sure to come by so you can visit her!!!


  1. Very rude if her to not tweet you back. Thank goodness for reality. It really does make the workd a better place.

  2. Hi! Found you on the linkup. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes Momma just needs to veg out. :) Also, my girls are 15 months apart. It has it's difficult times, but it has really been easier than I thought! Hopefully you think the same when your new little one arrives!

    New follower

  3. Hi, I am Aunt Lala's grandma! Thanks for guest posting on her blog while her and Josh are taking a few days for themselves! Thanks for being her friend!

    1. Thank you so much. I feel truly blessed to have met Lauren. She is such a special and wonderful person. Thank you so much for stopping by here!!!!!