Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trip to the doc

I started having cramps and pain about 4 yesterday afternoon. I tried the whole lots of water, getting rest yada yada. That didn't seem to work.

Long story short I went to the OB today. I'm telling you, being pregnant is no joke sometimes!!!! Thankfully I just have a little infection and everything should be okay. I got to have an ultrasound and I was secretly hoping they'd tell us what Dos is but alas she did not. Boo. I've also got a partial previa right now but the doctor seems to think that'll correct itself over time. I had one with Oliver as well so I'm thinking it'll probably follow the same pattern.

I had told Aunt JCC I was going and she literally sprinted up to the office hoping to get to be there for the big reveal. I just love that girl let me tell you.

So I'm taking it easy tonight while my wonderful Josh takes care of Oliver. I definitely seem to have pretty difficult early pregnancies.

More and more I'm thinking Dos is a girl. I guess we have seven days until the big reveal!!!!!

Hope everyone has had a good week so far!


  1. So excited for you to find out! I'm hoping for a girl, just so little oliver can protect her when their older! =]

  2. I can't wait for the reveal! Glad it wasn't anything too just need to rest and stop stressing out, Mama! ;-)

  3. Scary! I am exactly the opposite. I have easy early pregnancy, easy middle pregnancy and easy late pregnancy. It's all good right up to the moment when I go into premature labor. Then it all goes to hell. I just can't seem to keep them in there till the end. Which is why I'm not trying again. Hope everything is smooth sailing now. Can't believe the big reveal is next week. Didn't you just announce this pregnancy, like, 3 days ago? Ha ha!

  4. Oh boy my heart sank with the first few sentences. Praying for you!! I'm happy to hear that everything is ok and whats not isn't too serious. Can't wait to hear what Dos is :)

  5. glad everything is okay! Excited to read the reveal! xo