Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Well, I made it.  Yep, I'm officially a stay at home mom until otherwise.  I think I've been living in denial about that part for the better part of a month at least.  I had a card waiting for me when I got to my desk, which actually made me cry.  Ha ha, too bad neither of my bosses could be bothered to sign it.  Makes sense now why I left, right?  Hmph, always nice to be vindicated.


Dear Friday: Oh how I've longed for you, especially lately.  Thank you for finally getting here.

Dear Gamecocks  We are going to try and take Oliver to the game tomorrow so we can at least have photographic proof that he went to a Carolina game in his life.  Please cooperate.  Win!!!

Dear Oliver:  We are about to embark on a very scary journey on Sunday.  Please be a good boy and behave for the drive.  Mommy is already going to be sad enough.  No tears buddy, okay?

Dear Osmose:  Pardon my french ladies but f*ck you.  Shame on you for interviewing Josh, telling him he got the job then ignoring him when he called to get specifics.  He has a damn family to worry about and to treat another human being like that is deplorable.  Assholes.

Dear Hormones:  Knock it off already.  Moving while pregnant is the dumbest thing I've ever done, especially as far as we're going.  I've told Josh I'm leaving him at least 437 times over the past week.  I really have to get the crazy in check.  And the constant crying?  Oy.   I'm a damn mess.

Dear Universe:  We are moving on to bigger and hopefully better things.  Please guide us and make this move the best thing to happen to all of us.

Dear Rebecca Chavous:  Yeah, I'm calling you out by name.  You missed the opportunity to meet and love your only grandchild.  I hope you lose sleep at night about what you've missed.  There is a special place in hell for people like you and your husband, Larry.  At this point nothing will give me greater satisfaction then getting word that your restaurant failed.  Seriously, what grandparent can't suck up her issues and have a relationship with her own grandson?? 

Dear Hormones again:  See what I mean?  

So I'm pretty sure that's all I have for today.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and say a little prayer for us on Sunday morning as we start our journey.  


  1. wait--I thought next weekend was the move?! I guess the surprise will be a few days late. Oops. Good luck, and don't look back!

  2. Makes you wish you had quit your job sooner, huh? You're not the only one.

  3. Your boss - what a bitch! Oh, but wait ... since you didn't tell her you were quitting, haven't spoken to her since resigning and haven't done a bit of work for her in the past three weeks, what did you expect?

  4. To Katie.....

    1. Who the hell are you?

    2. Who are you to criticize someone's work ethic when you do not even work with her?

    3. Seriously, this is not the place for you let out your ill feelings against someone. Especially someone you have never met.

    4. Uh...why don't you have a profile??? Do you follow this blog so you can be a nosey bitch?

    5. Anne said it right....bitter much???

    6. You need to act like a damn grown up.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. JCC, you don't exactly have a profile to speak of yourself. No name, no info, just a pic. Hypocrite.

    3. You obviously do not actually follow valerie on a regular basis becaus of you did you would know exactly who I am. Look at my name. Look at my picture. If you read it would know there is a whole post about me. If you paid any attention at all you would recognize the baby in my picture. Instead of stalking my friend and only commenting on one post you should read the whole blog.

      You obviously have something against since you went and got a blogger account. Whatever personal issues you may have with her should not e discussed in the comments section of a blog post. Additionally, the person for whom you are reading this for an reporting back to could also talk Valerie of herself.

      You may call me a hypocrite all you want. It's ok. I can handle it. But what I cannot handle is you acting like a child towards someone you do not even know.

    4. Actually, I've read enough to see "I hate my boss! I hate my boss!" a lot. My point was simply that if that's the way she feels, she probably shouldn't have expected bossman to throw a bon voyage celebration.

    5. I really don't think a good bye party was what valerie wanted anyway. I think the problem is you don't know the whole situation. You were not Valerie's former boss (or are you).

    6. Dearest JCC,

      I replied the other day, but somehow that reply has disappeared. I'll summarize the miraculously missing post for you...

      1. If you're trying to figure out more about me, try again. My profile is intentionally minimal. I don't need Internet crazies like you stalking me.

      2. This is a blog. Bogs invite comments. I commented. You don't have to agree with my comments. I don't much care.

      3. If Valerie doesn't want comments from the world, she probably shouldn't put the details of her life on the *worldwide* web.

      4. My point was that if she had a bad attitude about work, chances are that her boss sensed it and she wasn't a good employee because of it. Therefore she shouldn't have expected anything from the boss.

      5. Get over yourself. It's not even *your* blog.

      And for the record, I'm done with this conversation.

  5. JCC, I am suspecting Katie may just be the "snitch" who tried to make our dear Valerie's work life a living know the one that told her employers about her blog and such. I suspect their are some underlying jealousy issues there. Haha! Katie, please get a life and get off my friend's blog page. Thanks very much!

    Valerie, you will not believe this, but my husband actually worked for that company when he first got out of college. It was a blessing when he got hired by the state because that job would not have been good for us and our family. It required he be on the road all week inspecting power poles, and it seemed to be a little disorganized. I just thought you'd like to see that this may just be a blessing in disguise! Safe travels, friend! :-)

    1. Ugh, I hate when I don't proofread carefully! "There" instead of "their."

  6. Sorry I'm so late in commenting. I read your post when you posted it, but I was stuck doing all the party prep and just didn't have time to comment.

    I can't wait to read this Friday's letters. Well, maybe next Friday. I have a feeling you're going to be feeling so much better about life in general.