Friday, September 21, 2012

Show Us Your Singles

I'm linking up with Kelly today to tell you all about Julia.

I met Julia almost three years ago and we instantly became friends.  She and I are almost 10 years apart in age but I think that has never played a role in our relationship.  Well, minus when I say I graduated from high school in 1996 or I turned 21 in 1999 and she gets really quiet.  Sigh, she's such a youngin.  

Anyway, Ms. Julia....

I should go ahead and mention that every current picture of Julia contains a picture of my child.  So, she's definitely a kid person.  

A few things about Julia...

She's 25 and from Louisiana (Covington to be exact).  She went to college four hours away from that at a place I can't spell that begins with an N and is pronounced NO way like it's spelled.  As you can see, she's a die hard Gamecock fan.  She got her Master's Degree from USC in Social Work last year so she's definitely a do gooder.  Julia is the most kind hearted person I know and will help anyone she can if she has the means to do it.  We recently moved to Massachusetts to start a new life and her social worky skills have come in handy while dealing with  my stepdad, who has a seizure disorder and is slowly deteriorating.  

All of this to say that Julia really is an awesome girl.  I have no idea why she's still single, other than she has yet to find someone who is even worthy of her time.  If you are looking for someone who is smart, funny, shy and outgoing at the same time, Julia is without the best person to be in your life.  I know I'm partial since I love her like the sister I lost 24 years ago but anyone who knows her will say the exact same thing.   Plus, wasn't she the cutest little dancer back in the day???


  1. Can't wait to meet her one day soon! She is lucky to have you, too!

  2. Thanks anne!!! I can't wait to Mee you too. I'm soooo lucky to have Valerie as my sister!

  3. Aw Julia sounds great! Its so nice to have those "sisters" isn't? I miss mine!