Friday, September 28, 2012

What we've been doing lately

So, we took Oliver yesterday afternoon to get his first big boy haircut.  The lady cutting my mom's hair took a break in between letting her color set and cut Oliver's hair.  It was funny to me because she looked worried about cutting his hair, saying he was going to cry.  Nope, my sweet little guy didn't even flinch.  That's my boy.

Are you licensed for this?

Oh, hi!

I approve!!

Before his haircut, my mom and I took him to a pumpkin patch.  Honestly, this was MY first experience at a pumpkin patch and I did enjoy myself.  My mom had never been on a hay ride either so I'd say it was definitely a day of firsts.

I'm not so sure about this

I'm not going to lie, the whole doctor situation up here (for me) has been extremely stressful and I spent most of yesterday in tears.  I had an appointment with what I THOUGHT was an OB yesterday, only to find out it was a stupid nurse.  Who asked me the exact same questions the nurse at my previous OB asked me twice.  Then when we tried to get me an appointment scheduled with a doctor, there were none.  Like for a month.  That means I would have gone over 9 weeks without an appointment with a doctor.  I literally walked out their office and burst into tears.  It was awful.  I started questioning moving here, how much I miss my own OB and why did I do this to myself??  Guess my pregnancy dramatics are still there, huh? 

My previous OB had literally EVERYTHING on site.  NST, ultrasounds, lab work, EVERYTHING.  This new one?  Nothing. 

Fast forward to about four hours after I left and I got two separate phone calls, one that a cancellation had come up and the doctor could see me on Wednesday (phew) and then another one that an ultrasound at the hospital came up for today.  Let me just say, I was so freaked out but so relieved.  I guess health systems up here are vastly different than in South Carolina. 

Thank goodness, everything is perfect with Dos.  Due to my history of macrosomia (ha ha, who knew having a large baby had a scientific name?), I will be monitored closely up here and they will most likely be giving me random ultrasounds to determine how big she is.  Oh yeah, she's definitely a she.  As of now, she's in the 62 percentile for her size which is large but she isn't anywhere near where Oliver was at this time last year. 

Anyway, I feel like I have jabbered enough.  Want to see a pic of my sweet girl?

I hope everyone is well!  We will get another peak of CeCe on October 26th. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Awww, I love getting sneak peeks of babies! Sorry for the ordeal at the doctors but glad you finally got the reassurance you needed that all is well! And the pics of Oliver's first haircut and visit to the pumpkin patch are adorable. He is looking more and more like a little man.

  2. I'm glad to see the haircut went well. Elliott really needs one. He looks like a hippie. I think we're going to fork over the big bucks and take him to one of those kid places where they sit in the plane or train, etc.

    What a relief that you finally got to see a doctor and finally got the ultrasound. I think it's totally crazy that fetuses have percentiles.