Saturday, November 3, 2012

27 Weeks

I would first like to state that I attempted to post a 26 weeks blog last weekend while in Maine but could not get it to go!!

How far along? 27 weeks

Baby's size? Rutabaga (although she is measuring ahead and is probably almost double what she should be. Yep, another big baby for me!)

Weight gain? Gained 3 pounds since my appointment at the beginning of September

Maternity clothes? Fatty. Total fatty

Stretch marks? I've gained and lost weight so much throughout my lifetime so I've had stretch marks since high school. Yay me

Belly Button in or out? Should stay an inny like last time. It's starting to take on that weird pregnancy belly button now

Sleeping? Still not great. Sleep is something I have trouble with this time around

Foods I'm loving? Pizza.

Foods I'm hating? Nothing lately

Movement? Kicks, punches, rolls galore

Best moment this week? She is definitely making her presence known lately. It makes me almost cry when Oliver is loud and she responds

Symptoms? Getting very large and uncomfortable

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach. Not being tired all the time. Being able to play with Oliver without straining

What I'm looking forward to? Start appointments every two weeks pretty soon

Milestones: Meeting my new ob. I saw their midwife the first time and she was amazing. Don't know how I feel about the option of having a regular delivery versus a csection. Still trying to process that

Emotions: Okay I guess. My stepdad is being a little difficult and Josh had to leave for New Hampshire after he just got back so that was a little tough. I also failed the one hour glucose test by two damn points so I had to take the three hour test and it wasn't very pleasant. Aside from that, things are muddling along


  1. OK your are adorable pregnant! I can't wait to see what Dos will look like! She will be so cute I just know it!

    Hope you and Josh get to spend some special time together!

    Hope you have a great weekend!