Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not okay

I rode up with Josh on Sunday to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for the week. To escape for a bit. To have some family time. To not have to constantly be worried about my stepdad.

So here I am with yet another abscess. Oliver has been coughing pretty much non stop. I'm 4 hours from home. Really??????

Ugh I don't mean to complain. Sometimes when it rains it pours I guess.


  1. I'm sorry your having a rough time of it! I pray it gets better! Hope everything is ok with your stepdad.

    Enjoy your family time even if you all might not be feeling 100% :)

  2. you may want to talk to your doctor about staph--they might be able to prescribe a medicated soap to get things cleared up once and for all--you also wouldn't have to worry about any meds hurting little girl. Just a thought. Sorry you are having a rough time. Thinking about you and hoping you (and Oliver) are feeling better soon.