Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Randoms

It's not Wednesday. I'm slack. What can I say?

I'm in New Hampshire with Josh for a few days. Nice to get away but I already miss Oliver. We might take a drive north to Canada on Saturday depending on the weather. So exciting!!!

Truth be told, I didn't get anything at LL Bean besides a pair of Bean boots for the snow. Otherwise id be showing off all the stuff I got. Joshy got A LOT of work stuff so hopefully he's set.

Having to take the 3 hour glucose test is not fun. At all. I failed the 1 hour by 2 points. If I get pregnant a third time, I will not be doing that again. No thanks.

Oliver took a five minute nap at daycare today. Do y'all think he likes it? Doesn't want to miss a beat.

I really like my new obs office. They did give me the option of attempting a vbac but I'm not sure how I feel about that. I guess I have time to think about that a little.

Halloween was fun although we didn't take Oliver out trick or treating because it was too cold. He could have cared less either way I think.

Well I guess that's all the randomness I have for today. Hope everyone is well!!


  1. Wahoo! Welcome to New Hampshire!! I hope you're enjoying it here :)

    ps: love (!!!!!) That little lion costume!

  2. Elliott wore that same grey onesie yesterday. Did you get him a Thanksgiving one yet? I bought one from Carters.

    Oliver makes a great lion. Roar!

  3. Awww, Oliver was a cute little lion, and I love the pumpkin smocked jon jon. But what in the world are you doing to the poor child making him wear that crazy wig? Seriously, you are getting your girl so hopefully you'll stop tormenting your son dressing him like a girl! Haha! Yeah, trick-or-treating isn't really worth it until you can actually enjoy the fruits of your labor and eat some of the candy. Next year will be your turn, Oliver! :-)

  4. He looked so cute in his costume! :-)

  5. Thursday randoms are just as good as Wednesday randoms

  6. He is such a doll!! I'm so glad you found an obgyn you like!