Monday, November 12, 2012

Pregnant a second time around

I was thinking last night if there were any major differences between being pregnant the first time versus subsequent times. Granted, I am not an expert by any means but man alive have I found a few things that are very different!!!!!

Naps? What the hell are those?
With Oliver I'd come home after work and relax before I made dinner, if I even made it at all. Now I'm chasing an 11 month old around, wondering when he's going to finally take a nap so I can rest myself.

Remember counting down those weeks?
Yep, I'm in my third trimester and I honestly wonder every single day where the time has gone. I swear time went backwards when I was pregnant with Oliver. This time? We toured the hospital yesterday!!!! How am I far enough along to be worrying about the hospital I'm delivering at????

Eating small meals throughout the day.
I barely get a chance to sit down and eat once a day let alone all day long. I eat more of Oliver's food than anything else at this point.

Keeping up with laundry and house cleaning.
Ha ha you're funny.

Want to know one thing that hasn't changed? Showering. I will never give that one luxury up!!! But yeah, showering is definitely a luxury now.

Going somewhere spontaneously.
It takes a village and an entire isle of Target to take a baby somewhere. I've got diapers wipes and bottles stashed in every vehicle I might drive, Wubbanubs in every car seat and two diaper bags. Why does one little person take so much effort??

Like I said, I'm no expert. Being pregnant this time, however, has definitely been challenging. I feel bad for Dos already.


  1. :) I have to admit the showering thing made me laugh out loud!! LOL I feel like this now and have don't have kids in our home. Lord, help me when that time comes! LOL

  2. But think of all the experience you will have with Dos that you didn't have with Oliver. There are benefits to both!

  3. I'm still shocked about how much stuff it takes to go somewhere. And overnights?! Jeez, I almost need a second car for all Sully's garb...
    Keep up the good work Mama!