Monday, October 29, 2012


As I'm sure y'all are aware, we are bracing ourselves for a little yucky weather in these parts. So far we've had some wind and rain but that's about it.

Josh had to leave for Vermont about an hour ago. Gone again. This is definitely hard to get used to. But, we can do anything!!

We had a good time in Maine, albeit a short trip. We definitely bought out LL Bean and it was fuuuuuuun.

We took a little trip to the coast so josh and Julia could see what it looks like in Maine. All in all it was a good weekend.

I'm heading to my new OB in the morning (hopefully) so I will definitely update on what that's like. I'm kind of excited to see a midwife. Little side note: I actually wanted to be a midwife as a teenager. Oh how life changes!

I hope everyone is doing well. If you're in the path of Sandy, please be safe!

I'm on my phone so I'm going to picture dump from our trip this weekend.


  1. Okay next you need a post about what you bought! ;-) I would love to visit Maine one day...such a beautiful coast! I love midwifes...or at least I had a good experience with one. Evan was delivered by the midwife in my OB's practice in Virginia. She was so personable and just seemed to really care. I hope you have the same experience! Man, Oliver looks like such a little man in these!

  2. I have been praying for everyone safety. Sandy turned out to be nasty! I'm with Sherry, show us what you bought!! :)

    Hope you Dr. appt well! Oliver is looking so handsome!

  3. The first thing that I was going to say was that you need to do a fashion show blog with all of your purchases. But I see that Sherry and Lauren have already requested that. Ha!

    I love Maine. Very nice beaches and an overall fun, vacation atmosphere. Michael got really sick in Maine once when he was a kid. It still comes up whenever we talk about that state. Get over it already, honey.