Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Humpday Randoms

Why hello there!  It's Wednesday, thank goodness.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far. 

Aunt JCC and I took Oliver to welcome our Gamecocks home yesterday.  Let me just say, I was very disappointed how they handled themselves.  Guess coming home without a trophy meant they could be smug and not even pretend to be excited to see the 1,000+ people there waiting to welcome them home.  Oh well.

Does anyone else feel sometimes like the blog world is a little cliquey?  I think I've read a few posts while just checking out new sites about how some blogs just seem so inaccessible.  I do love some of the big ones but I feel like the authors only ever comment when their friend posts something.  Maybe I'm just overly sensitive.

Still feeling sick, although I have been eating literally all day trying to combat it and that seems to ease the symptoms somewhat.  I can do this!  At some point I'll start doing the weekly posts of where I am, if anyone even wants to know that info.

I appreciate all the feedback on my in law situation.  I think we are just going to stay the course at this point.  It's nice to know that should I choose to keep Josh's mom out of Oliver's life, I'm not a terrible person for doing so.  I think that's where my real worry was.  I only want what's best for my children.

I am looking forward to next week and getting a little break for a day off.  It'll be nice to have some down time since work has been really crazy and stressful lately.  Of course it has!  If I wasn't pregnant, it'd be rainbows and butterflies here. 

My dogs are weird.  Seriously. 

I guess this post is the epitome of random today!!  Thanks for stopping by and say hello if you get a minute.  I'm thrilled to get to meet some new friends because of this little blog.  Have a great rest of the week!!!


  1. You are a fantastic momma. You always do what's best for your babies. P.S. your dogs are tres weird.

  2. Yes, let's start our own clique! ;-) I love following along with you...please share the pregnancy journey! No, you aren't a bad person for wanting to do the best for your kids. I think the ball is in her court to do something if she wants to be a part of your lives! Have a blessed day, blog friend!

  3. totally can't tell that you're a Maroon5 fan "rainbows and butterflies!" I'd say blogs can be clique-y, but I don't have enough readers/read enough blogs to say so with any certainty.