Sunday, June 3, 2012

So scared

Panic has officially set in. I am so beyond excited about the prospect of having another baby. Don't get me wrong. Am I woman enough? Can I handle this? What in the hell am I going to do when Josh has class every night?? How am I going to handle two babies alone? How do we pay for daycare?

Seriously I hope I'm normal for being nervous. I've been freaking out all weekend about this. I don't want Oliver to feel slighted. And I'd really like to keep my sanity!!

Well I just had to get that off my chest. I am beside myself terrified. There, I said it.


  1. To answer all your questions. Yes. You've got this.

  2. I don't know if this is helpful or not, but it is heartfelt so hopefully you'll get something out of it. My kids are 4 years apart. I was scared of being able to take care of 2. I have friends who have kids 2 years apart. They were scared of taking care of 2. Another friend has kids that are 6 years apart. She was afraid of taking care of 2. It doesn't seem to matter what the age difference is- everybody worries about being able to handle 2. But, you will because you have no other choice. It might be hard, it might suck for a long time, but you'll do it because there is no other option but doing it.

    Also. There is a huge difference between a 6 month old and a 1 year old. Right now you're imagining taking care of a newborn and Oliver. But Oliver will be a different baby when he is 1. Yes, he'll still be a baby, but he'll be an older baby. And that will make a big difference.