Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Oliver

Seeing as how my little man is almost half a year old (!), and quite possibly could be a big brother before he even knows what that means, I figured I'd write some things down about what I wish and hope for him in his future.

My sweet Oliver,

Although you have only been with us for almost six short months, I feel like I have known you forever and I cannot even remember that dark haired baby we brought home from the hospital.  I look at you now, babbling and raspberring up a storm and it makes me laugh.  Everyone who meets you seems to think you are the happiest baby they have ever seen.  I feel bad sometimes because people will wave at you and they don't realize you're not quite old enough to do that back.  You're such a big boy, I don't think people realize just how young you are! 

Ever since I found out I was having you, I've been wondering will he go to college?  Will he be close to his family?  Will he love animals?  Will he learn to scuba dive with me?  While I know you are your own person and you will become whatever it is you are meant to become, I do hope for a few fundamental things for you.  First, you will be a Southern gentleman.  There is absolutely no question or discussion about that.  Opening doors, pulling out chairs and paying for dinner will be staples in your world.  If I ever hear of you treating a woman with anything less than respect and caring, I promise you you will regret it!  You can be gay or confused for all I care, as long as you are kind and try not to hurt other people.  I hope exposing you to our animals from day one will help you understand and appreciate that they are to be treated with respect and not to be tossed aside.  Somehow, I don't think either of these things will be a problem considering who your daddy is.

No matter what happens, my sweet boy, please remember where you came from and try to be good to other people.  I know we will have hiccups along the way and you will change daily.  My main hope is that you will stay the same sweet natured and happy boy that you appear to be at the ripe old age of almost six months. 

Mommy and Daddy love you forever and always.  You are the reason we became a real family.  I hope you grow up to become the best big brother and man the world has ever known.

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