Friday, June 1, 2012


Does it feel like a short week that turned into an extra special long week to anyone else?  I guess I'm still reeling from our news yesterday.  Seriously, am I really going to have 2 children 13 months apart?  We go on Wednesday to get dates, etc.  I'm thinking it's just nerves but I swear I keep dreaming and/or thinking I'm having twins.  Can you imagine???

Oliver has discovered that he has a voice and he will literally scream at the top of his lungs lately.  That will end soon, yes?  I surely hope so.  Seriously, it feels like my ears are going to bleed sometimes.  We have had two really good nights with him the past few so I'm excited about that.  I feel like being a mom involves hourly updates and even if we can sit through half a meal without him screaming and one of us having to leave, it's a good day.  I keep worrying about what will happen when we have two.  I'm going to be a mom of two children, guys.  Never thought I'd get so lucky.

My little guy will be six months old in 2 weeks.  I swear everything I've read or been told lately says that that seems to be the magic age.  What can I expect?  Will he REALLY stop throwing up all over me on an hourly basis?  Will we actually be able to put him in one outfit that he can STAY in all day?  When should he start getting teeth? 

Well I hope everyone has a really nice weekend.  We are taking Oliver out on a boat for the first time tomorrow so that should be interesting.  Mommy gets to sleep in tomorrow!  What what!


  1. first of all, congrats on Baby #2! The six-month milestone is a biggie, in that most kids are sitting up, their digestive tracts are more developed, and so has the rest of them. Like everything else with babies, those milestone months are just averages--Nathan had his first 2 teeth at 5 months, but I have known others not to get any til nearly a year old. Every kid is different, so the milestones are just guidelines. Being able to sit up reliably did help with Nathan's reflux, and it was almost completely gone between 9-11 months. Have fun on the boat!

  2. I agree with Anne. It really just depends on the kid. Personally, I didn't find Spencer to be "easier" until 18 months. He also didn't get teeth until 11 months. There are so many things that have such a wide range of average. Take walking...10 months is within the average range. So is 18 months. That's a full 10 months where kids can start walking and be considered normal. And just when you think you have it all figured out.....they throw a kink in everything. Ha!

  3. 6 months is so exciting! Baby food, motor milestones, and so many other fun things. It never gets easier ( at least I don't think) but it does get a whole lot more fun. Ethan will be 9 months next week, but has only just got teeth within the last month. Every kids different.I say just sit back and enjoy. Have a great weekend!