Monday, June 4, 2012


Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Seems like each passing day brings along new challenges and new things that Oliver learns.  I will say, being pregnant this time around has been a lot different so far.  Granted I'm not that far along but still.  Gone are the days when I could come home and relax after work.  Ha ha, I laugh at that now.  I can't even tell you the last time I got to take a nap.  I did get to enjoy lots of Oliver snuggles, which makes me very happy.  We are definitely putting this weekend in the W column because Oliver really was, overall, a very good baby. 

Saturday we went on a boat ride and my little guy seemed to enjoy himself, although I don't think he liked the life jacket (or straight jacket if you were to judge his face) all that much.  In true Oliver style, he fell asleep about halfway around the lake and stayed that way for the duration of our trip. 

Our South Carolina Gamecocks advanced to the Super Regionals in the NCAA tournament.  Woo hoo!!!!!  Go Gamecocks!!!!  Would be an amazing experience to win 3 years in a row.  I had wanted to take Josh to the tournament this year in Omaha but that didn't pan out.  One day I'd really like to do that for him since the boy eats, sleeps, breathes baseball.

 Seriously, when did he get big enough to sit in a restaurant high chair??

My little boy this morning.  I almost hate dressing him in tshirts and shorts because he looks so much older!

Well I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Back to the grind we go!


  1. He looks so old in the highchair picture! What a handsome guy.

    Make sure you ask your OB if there are any additional vitamins or minerals you might need to take. It takes about 2 years to completely recover from pregnancy so your body has not replenished itself after being depleted from your pregnancy with Oliver. That might be making you extra, extra tired.

  2. Oh I didn't even think about that. Thanks! I never stopped taking pre-natal vitamins since I had hoped I'd get pregnant again, although I didn't think it'd be quite this soon. This time around early on has definitely been more painful than with Oliver.