Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The animals

So I've noticed that Oliver has become more and more aware of the other babies living in our house recently.  I have no pictures of him and Roxie together because, well, I'm pretty sure she thinks he's the devil.  I try to limit his interaction with her as much as possible because I don't want permanent scars on him from her flipping out.  I say that in jest but there is a part of me that worries for her when he gets older.

Even when he was a balding, hating tummy time little man, Oliver has had constant watchful eyes on him.

Usually in the morning, I put Oliver on my bed while I'm getting ready and these two will hang out either napping or waiting to be fed.  Vultures, I tell you.

Izzie has decided to be adventurous lately and she will even come lay next to him, especially when he's sleeping.  When he's flailing around, making noises, both the cats and Dewey seem to scatter.  Either Gertrude is too stupid or she just doesn't care one way or the other.

I've noticed, especially lately, that Gertrude is usually not too far away from wherever Oliver is.  Either because he means food or she's just a maternal sweet girl.  Whatever the reason, it's very heart warming to see.  I noticed this morning (when this photo was taken) that Gertrude had sat down next to me while Oliver was in my lap and he was petting her.  So sweet!!!  That commercial where riding the dog like a horse being frowned upon in this establishment will not apply to the Branham household.  I can't wait to watch Oliver's love for animals develop.

I guess I am posting this in hopes of getting some feedback on how others have handled their children and pets?  I don't want to shelter Oliver in any way and want him to know that our pets are our family as well but I don't want to do that to his or their detriment.  Do I just let this relationship happen organically?  Do I put up boundaries? 

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I thought about was the animals in our household and how to make sure any of our children grew up with a respect for them.  I may be wrong but none of my feelings about them have changed since Oliver came home from the hospital.  If anything, having a baby and dogs has provided even more entertainment.  I wish I could upload the video from when we brought Oliver through the door the first time.  That experience will forever be imprinted on my mind and heart.  Poor Dewey was so scared of him and shook like a leaf for weeks afterwards. 


  1. We pretty much let our dogs have as much freedom as possible with some big exceptions. We never let Ethan around them while they are eating ( even though they aren't aggressive) and they are never ever allowed alone in a room with him ( even in his room when he is in the crib. I don't want them to think its ever ok. We also have had to be careful when the dogs rough house with each other, because now that E is crawling he gets up underneath them, and I'm so afraid they will accidently step on him ( which almost happened the other day :( or worse. Regardless we try to have them as active part of our family as before Ethan was born. After all they were our first babies.

  2. Hi Valerie! I found the link to your blog on Kelly's Korner. Guess what?! I also had a baby boy on 12/16/11! We also thought about naming him Oliver (well I did. It was a veto for my husband), but went with Elliott.

    I read through some of your older and more recent posts. One thing you can do to get more comments is to comment on other people's blogs. I'm not good (usually) at doing that, but I know people get a lot of followers by following others. I'm usually just content with the comments of my friends and reminding myself that the blog is a good scrapbook. I started blogging when my first son was 1 (he is 4 now) and it is so much fun to read old posts.

    Haapy 5 months to Oliver!