Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Humpday randoms

I've been having trouble sleeping the past few days (not really sure why but oh well) so I decided to download a new app for my phone.  Have y'all tried Mustache Me yet?  I guess I'm juvenile but this app literally kept me entertained for an hour.  Any photo on your phone or one you take can have a mustache added.  Hilarious!!  See, how funny is this??

Ah, I'm easily amused I guess.  Also, when did my kid get to be so blonde??  I LOVE it!  I prayed and prayed for a healthy baby boy with blonde hair and I appear to have gotten my wish.  For all the hassle he puts me through, I'm still so blessed.

Seems like baby boy has another ear infection but I guess daddy will find out for sure when he takes him to the doctor today.  I have to fight the urge to say vet every time I talk about Oliver going to the doctor.  Is that really weird?  Guess I've had pets for so long that it's stuck in my brain.

We feed Oliver cereal in his bathtub before we bathe him every night.  Josh started wondering if we were going to make him associate bath time with food.  Anybody got any ideas about this?

I am anticipating my first Mother's Day this Sunday.  I still have a hard time associating myself as a mother for some reason.  I have a scar to prove it but it still doesn't seem real sometimes. 

Oliver's Aunt JCC sent me a picture she took the day he was born.  It's crazy to me that only 5 months has passed and he has changed this much.  When I was pregnant, 5 months felt like it took literally double the amount of time post-pregnancy has.  Unbelievable!  And apparently my child was Edward Scissorhands out of the womb.

Speaking of Aunt JCC, this is Oliver's favorite Aunt in all the world.  Maybe I can do a post all about her one day?  I may have no biological siblings but she's definitely made up for that, along with Josh not having a relationship with his younger sister, Maggie.  JCC has been by me before I met Josh and was the second person we told when we found out about Oliver.  He's a lucky little guy to have her.

Easter Sunday we went to Charlotte and had Oliver's pictures taken by hands down my favorite photographer I've come across to date.  She did our engagement photos last year (I was pregnant unbeknownst to any of us) and when I heard she was coming back to Charlotte for a short visit I just knew we needed to meet up with her.  Seriously, how beautiful is this sneak peak she posted yesterday??

I hope I'm not too obnoxious writing and posting so much about Oliver and our life.  I think he's a cutie but then again I'm a biased mama.

Just so you know I don't only capture moments with my kid, here's how I spend most of my evenings.

Well I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Thanks so much for stopping by my corner of the world.  Have a fantastic rest of the week!!

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  1. Aunt JCC would also like to note that you made her tear up while reading this.