Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Five Months

I will start by saying it's absolutely cliche to write this but these past five months have flown by.  I cannot believe this time five months ago I was recovering from my csection and marveling at having a brand new baby.  I commented to Josh last night that Oliver is starting to become really fun to be around.  Aside from not being able to eat a meal in peace and being vomited on A LOT, I am entering a new phase of motherhood that's so fun.

My Dear, Sweet Oliver:

Today you are five months old.  Just yesterday, on May 15, 2012, right before bedtime, you decided you wanted to roll over from back to front.  You were so proud of yourself and have done it at least ten times since then.  I swear you look like you want to crawl so bad.

We also realized you are ticklish and have the most intoxicating laugh I've ever heard.

We took our first trip to the beach this month and you seemed to like it, although I'm not sure you really cared all that much either way.  At least we will have memories to share with you one day when you do really love the beach and aren't just there tagging along with us.

Our first Mother's Day was just before your Five Month Birthday and I could not have been more proud.  It was surreal to have people telling me all day Happy Mother's Day.  I honestly had to look behind me a few times, thinking are they talking to me?  I am so thankful that I was chosen to be your mama and that you gave me the pleasure of celebrating my first Mother's Day with a child in my arms.  Last year, I was carrying you in my belly, wondering what it would be like to actually be a mama.  It has been worth every struggle and trial thus far.

Your amazing daycare made a gift for me from you and I will treasure this always.

 One thing I will forever be thankful for is how much you genuinely love waking up and starting your day.  You never wake up cranky and always have the biggest smile on your face when I come get you out of your crib.  You will jabber to yourself and let mama take a shower and get ready (on most mornings) and for that I will forever be grateful.

You have been a little under the weather, I believe, so you've taken to sleeping in your Rock n Play the past few nights.  It might be bad to admit this but I'm kind of okay with this because it means you're close to us and I can just wake up and look at you without going in your room to disturb you.

There has been no shortage of new clothes to dress you in and I love that you don't mind being my little dress up doll.  I really hope I can hold on to this little boy for as long as you'll possibly let me.

My only complaint is the spit up.  Man do you like to vomit on me.  I get so frustrated and don't know how to help you anymore!  We have tried everything and nothing works.  Good thing we love you anyway!

Your Stats:

Height:  Unknown
Weight:  22 pounds
Size Diaper:  3 

Oliver, you are the light of our world and everyone you meet is a better person because of you.  Thank you for being my sweet boy.  I cannot wait for the many months and years to come.




  1. He's so adorable ...and your right I always say it to but it really does go sooo fast. I love the picture of the sand in his little toes :)

  2. It is amazing how fast it goes!