Monday, May 21, 2012


Today I am just sad.  I have harped over and over again about going to Virginia and watching my GMA slowly waste away so I won't belabor the point.  We got back late last night and fought Oliver to go back to sleep since the car lights woke him up.  This mama had to run on very little sleep today.  So glad today is finally over!!  We did learn that leaving Columbia to wherever we were traveling after Oliver's nightly routine and letting him sleep works amazing.  So, we can put that in the W column.

I know this post is riveting stuff today.  I'm so tired (like Josh was above) and mentally drained.  It breaks my heart seeing my GMA fade like this and to watch my family makes it even more difficult.  We did steal a few moments of happy while we were there so I am thankful for that.  Oliver really seems to love his Nana T and I'm thankful she has been able to spend so much time with him.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!! 

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