Saturday, May 5, 2012

Room to roam

I have been itching to move to Oklahoma.  Is that weird?  I have literally never stepped foot in Oklahoma but, for some reason, I'm so fascinated with it!  I've lived in South Carolina, Virginia and Massachusetts so I've been known to pack up and leave when the whim hits me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy where I am but I feel like there's something else out there.  I don't know if maybe television glamorizes things but I've been so drawn to living on a farm lately but within a short distance to town.  Does that exist in Oklahoma?  I think I want to live somewhere where I can have lots of animals more than anything else.

This is so random, I know.  I've just been introduced to all these new blogs and quite a few of them are from ladies in Oklahoma so I guess this may be where my mind is coming up with this stuff. 

Anybody else out there wanting a change?  I don't know if my troubles with my in-laws might also be why I'm thinking heavily about getting out of South Carolina.  It is such a struggle on a daily basis for me to KNOW Josh's mom lives less than 20 minutes from our doorstep and she has yet to even see Oliver in person.  I feel like if I wasn't here it would hurt a little less.  Then again, I could be just running away like I am so good at. 

Do grownups do this?  Am I the only person who doesn't want to plant roots where I am right now?  I don't know if it's normal to not want to live and grow old in the same place where you grew up because my parents both did not do that.  This is, again, not to say that I dislike South Carolina or the people or anything because I love it, it's my home.  Until the day I die I will be a South Carolinian by the grace of God (Go Gamecocks!!!). 


  1. Hey there! Got ur link off of KK; nice to meet you! I'm from Columbia but my bestie is in grad school at Clemson (lol sorry)! Your son looks sweet - btw im itching to get outta here too lol

    ~ Stephy

  2. New follower from Kelly's link up. I'm from Greenwood, SC. Hope you'll take a minute to check out my blog -

  3. Now why in the world would you want to leave good 'ol SC?! :) Oliver is super adorable and I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all!