Saturday, October 20, 2012

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 weeks

Baby's size? Cauliflower 

Weight gain?  Gained one pound since 16 weeks

Maternity clothes? Fatty.  Total fatty

Stretch marks? I've gained and lost weight so much throughout my lifetime so I've had stretch marks since high school. Yay me

Belly Button in or out? Should stay an inny like last time

Sleeping? It's terrible lately.  Up every two hours and then can't fall back asleep again

Foods I'm loving? Pizza.  Sweets (so not like me).  Doritos.  Funions.

Foods I'm hating?  Nothing lately

Movement?  Kicks, punches, rolls galore

Best moment this week? She just out of the blue will kick or punch

Symptoms? Still feeling large and in charge

Gender? GIRL
What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach.  Not being tired all the time.  Being able to play with Oliver without straining

What I'm looking forward to? My next ultrasound on October 26th (the day Josh comes home!!!)

Milestones: We are almost at viability.  I know it would be a long haul but each week that passes I breathe a little easier

Emotions: Not good this week.  I cried in the car on the way home from getting an oil change today.  I want to love Massachusetts, I really do.  So far?  Not so much


  1. You're getting there. I hope you start loving your new location soon. That can be so hard!

  2. Can't celebrate her size with food as cauliflower is major yuck. Maybe next week. Soooo ready for the 99s!!!!

  3. This is soooooo random, but I'm looking at the refrigerator in the background. It's very similar to the refrigerator in our new house. I've never had one with the freezer on the bottom. How do you like it?

    25 weeks! You're getting so close!