Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Letters

Fridays don't really mean all that much lately, considering every day is a Friday.  Or at least that's what I thought before I started staying at home.  Wow, if only I could talk to my former self just to prepare me for the endless No's I'd be saying, constantly being on my feet all day and having to wrangle an almost 10 month old. 


Dear Gamecocks:  You've got a big game tomorrow.  All of College Gameday and ESPN will be watching.  Please do me proud.  And, Gamecock fans?  Try to show your dignity and respect to the ESPN cameras.  Last thing we need is yet another schedule to mar my great home state of South Carolina.

Dear JCC:  Seriously, your new do is awesome.  Look at you cutting it shorter and shorter.  I feel like I've officially turned you over the dark side.  Short hair and a Democrat???  Well, part Democrat.  We all know none of us leans completely to one side.  

Dear God:  Could you please help my stepdad?  He's genuinely a good man and doesn't deserve to be sick again.  I know there are many people in the world and he's but a small portion.  He means a lot to us and I would love to see him be well for a little while.  I can be selfish for a second and say my children need a good Boompa who lives near them. 

Dear new doctor:  You are wonderful.  I am so glad with all the drama I had last week I managed to get in with a doctor who has made my anxiety about giving birth up here a little easier. 

Dear Josh:  Your yawn where your jaw actually crackles and I can hear it thoroughly grosses me out.  Seriously, it makes me want to vomit.  I wish you would get that looked at.  It's not freaking normal.

Dear Dewey:  You chewed up MY favorite shoes and now my mom's.  I may kill you.  Stupid dog.

Dear Me:  You started this blog and have cultivated some really great friendships.  Don't mess that up.  Get your ish together.

Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  If you get a chance, try and tune in to College Gameday on ESPN tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.   My wonderful alma mater is being showcased, on the beautiful University of South Carolina Horseshoe.  Goooooooooo Gamecocks!!!


  1. I missed Friday letters. And thanks. You have turned me!!!

  2. Yay Friday letters! Josh really should get his jaw looked at. I say this as a licensed and certified speech pathologist and somebody that has had tons of orthodontic work and major oral surgery done. Crackling isn't good.