Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Okay

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...that I feel like I'm neglecting this blog and my friends lately.

...that I am having severe anxiety lately.  About staying here, having a new baby, etc.  Not anxiety like I need a doctor anxiety, just worried about how to make this and that work out in the end.  

...that I really need help learning how to trust in what will be will be.  To let things happen as they are supposed to. not beat myself up when I get frustrated because I have to be with Oliver 24/7 and he annoys the everliving shit out of me.  

...that I have taken it upon myself to step up when it comes to my stepdad's health care.  I'm done with not having answers.  Seriously, someone having a brain tumor then seizure after seizure five years later is NOT normal.

...that I finally caved and called my dad myself.  It felt nice to talk to him after over a month.  No matter what happens or how tough I feel on the outside, I missed my dad.  And the fact that he literally knows everything about everything.  I never have to look anything up because he is just a phone call away.

...that I'm sitting here listening to Sons of Anarchy in the background that Josh is watching, thinking this is the dumbest freaking show I've ever seen.  

...that I am absolutely LOVING feeling Dos kick all the time.  I swear she's already shaping up to be completely different than Oliver.  The doctor yesterday even commented on how she is so active, which is 100% opposite of little man.

Thank y'all for your comments about my burn.  I promise I'm putting Neosporin on it, making sure it doesn't get infected.  Oliver kicked me this morning and popped one of them, which is oh so pleasant.  Times like that are when I have to get my temper in check because I was a tad upset after that.  I know, it wasn't his fault.  I have to learn to be patient.  Anybody know where I can take a class on that???


  1. when you find out about that class, let me know--we can be study-buddies! Thinking of you, and kmowing just what you are feeling. It's a tough road, and I often feel unprepared for it. You know where to find me....

  2. i too have a lot of anxiety- hate it!!

    great post!
    new follower :)
    hope you'll follow back!


  3. I think that Spencer was over age 2 before I stopped feeling anxiety every day. I'm not even close to being there with Elliott. Anxiety sucks.

    Both my kids were very, very active in utero and have continued to be on the outside world. Lucky me.