Monday, October 1, 2012

SAHM - My reality

So here I am, listening to Oliver cry it out for his much needed nap, wondering where in the hell did my easy going, goes to sleep very quickly baby go? 

Let me back up and say that I am so appreciative that I'm able to be around him more than previous  months.  I have just found out a few things since staying at home.

1.  Staying at home is hard.  Very, very hard.

2.  I get now why some rich moms hire a nanny to watch the kids while they do whatever.  Seriously, watching an infant while doing laundry is damn near impossible.  No more judgment from me!!

3.  There is nothing better after a really bad day than handing the baby over to someone else. 

4.  Where does all this laundry come from????

5.  When did the animals start crying for food too?

Don't get me wrong, would I want to be where I was a month ago?  Absolutely NOT.  In fact, I haven't had a headache since I left my previous employer.  Also, when I went for my first appointment last Thursday my blood pressure was normal.  It hasn't been normal since the end of my pregnancy with Oliver. 

I need to learn how to strike a balance.  I really think I need to meet some other mommies in the area.  Being home, day in and day out is not for me.  That much I do know for sure.  I think my plan is to stay home until next summer then start looking into teaching jobs in the area.  Guess only time will tell on this one though.

Even though he makes me completely insane sometimes, this crazy haired and dirty faced baby makes me laugh at least 100 times a day.

And, y'all want to hear a funny story?  Yesterday I was making pancakes, clothed of course, and as I went to flip a pancake, the butter in the pan splattered on my shirt.  Guess either that butter was really freaking hot or my maternity tank top was a little light in fabric.  Nonetheless, I managed to do this to myself...


  1. not a funny story--that looks really painful. Also, you will be looking for that "perfect" balance the rest of your days. If, by chance you figure it out, would you share it with the rest of us?! You'll figure out what works and what doesn't--try not to be too hard on yourself.

  2. The blisters look awful. I first thought before reading was poision ivy. I am a sahm. It can be hard. My 2 are in school now but am staying home keeping my 6 mo niece.

  3. Hang in there...staying home is hard. Lots of walks, trips to the park, visits to the mall, or just a drive. I think it's important to get out of the house every day!

  4. Holy crap that looks painful. Be careful with it so it doesn't get infected. I had that happen once with a cooking burn. Not fun.

    Staying home can be very hard, as the rest of the ladies have pointed out. I find that having a routine helps, especially if you have a fun "event" or outing planned for each day of the week- on Monday you do story time at the library, on Tuesday you go to the mall, Wednesday is park day, Thursday is playgroup and Friday is.....I ran out of ideas! You don't have to spend money on these things. Most of those ideas are free.

    The routine might help Oliver with his sleeping too because he will have predictible times that he naps. Babies also change their sleep habits as they get older. Spencer was a horrible sleeper as a baby and he eventually got better and is now the best. Some babies lose their great abilities. Let's hope Oliver is not one of them!