Sunday, October 7, 2012

The sickies

Once again I guess I went Mia today, although I hope I have a good reason. Moving pretty much across the country to a new climate has taken its toll on us southerners. As a result, I got sick then Oliver then Julia now Josh. In fact, Josh and I spent three hours at the er today to find out he has strep throat. Fun times my friends, fun times.

I am taking Josh to Boston bright and early tomorrow morning for a flight to Missouri in hopes of training to become a foreman in about a month. Fingers crossed everything goes well? That's why we hung out in the er all day so we wouldn't send him off to a totally new place without making sure he was okay ahead of time.

I hope I convinced one or two of y'all to tune in and see my South Carolina Gamecocks yesterday. We are now currently rankled #3 in the entire country!!!!!! Such an exciting game and day to be a Gamecock.

Well I guess that's about all from me for today. I really hope this persistent cough and lingering yuckiness will be gone soon!!!!!!! I'll end this by showing you a pick of my favorite boys on earth. Sigh, how did I get so lucky??


  1. Cuties! From what I hear (I don't watch), it was an interesting day for football down here. Glad you got your big baby taken care of! Yes, your boys both wearing glasses is too cute!

  2. Aw Hope everyone starts to be feeling back to normal soon!! That is an adorable picture!!

  3. Love this picture of them. Go gamecocks!!

  4. That picture is awesome. Twins, separated by several decades!