Sunday, July 15, 2012

11 weeks

Whaaaat???  I actually did a post on Sunday?  Yay me.  Seriously, I'm so bad about using the computer over the weekend.  That's going to be something I'm going to work on, I think.  Yes, yes I will.

Anyway, now to talk about Dos.

How far along? 11 Weeks

Baby's size? Fig

Weight Gain? I was told on Thursday that I can only gain 10 pounds this pregnancy.  Talk about slapping me in the face with reality

Maternity clothes? Still wearing my dresses although I'm not sure if it's just because I'm fat or have  little pooch but the top is definitely tighter and the dresses are getting shorter in the front

Stretch marks? I've gained and lost weight so much throughout my lifetime so I've had stretch marks since high school.  Yay me.

Belly Button in or out? Should stay an inny like last time.

Sleeping? Been pretty good this week

Foods I am loving? Chicken salad and fruit

Foods I'm hating? I still hate the thought water and milk.  Don't worry, I've been taking calcium supplements just like with Oliver

Movement? Still feeling little flutters here and there.  Seriously, they tickle from the inside

Best moment this week? Okay this is kind of not baby related but being told our payments each month are going to be DRASTICALLY reduced from last pregnancy

Symptoms? Still extremely sick to my stomach

Gender? Still a little too early for that.  All the fun Chinese Gender Predictors say Boy but I'm really getting the feeling it's a girl.   Not sure why. 

What I miss? Diet Coke.  Mmmmm, Diet Doke

What I'm looking forward to? My appointment on Wednesday.  We at least get to hear the heartbeat!

Milestones: None yet.

Emotions: I've been pretty good this week

Okay so I know I mentioned yesterday that Josh and I are planners, right?  We were discussing if this baby was it last night.  Yeah, I'm not even showing yet and we're already wondering if we are done having kids.  Insane, people.  Insane!!

Well happy Sunday everyone.  I do hope you have had a wonderful weekend with your families.  Let's do this!


  1. Awww, I'm a planner too but I know that sometimes it is better just to go on faith! Surprises are good too! 10 pounds? What? That's crazy! Poor Dos needs to eat! ;-)

  2. I'm a total dress wearer too. It makes breastfeeding really tricky though, so I'm in a wear my pajamas pretty much all day long and occassionally to the grocery store phase. Yeah, I look like a train wreck most days.