Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

I'm linking up with Amber for their one year anniversary of It's Ok!!!  How exciting is that?!?!   Go stop by and say hello. 

Its Ok Thursdays


…that I had no idea Word 2010 could do blog posts for me until today (and I always thought I was very tech savvy!).
…that I’m still not feeling great but I’m forcing myself to get back to normal.
…that I’m really feeling like Dos is a girl even though all the tests and Chinese Gender Predictor charts are saying boy.
…that I find it rather funny that Kristen Stewart made such a public apology for cheating on Rob Pattinson, given how awkward and weird she seems in real life.  Ha, like I know her!
…that I’ve never looked more forward to a weekend as I have this week.  Between the lecture at work and being sick, I’m kind of over this week.
…that I’m pretty much “out” at work but I’m still terrified on telling my boss for some reason.
…that I can’t wait to open my door and see my boys in the living smiling at me that I’m finally home.
...that we both cried because Oliver said MAMA tonight!!!!!!!  True story.

So what are y’all okay with today?  We almost made it…just one more day until the weekend!!  Hope everyone has a great Thursday night.


  1. Yay for Oliver Saying mama!!!! Good way to end a rough week

  2. I bawled like a baby the first time Sully said Mama! Hooray!

    On another note, how did K-Stew think she would get away with that? She has enough money to buy a make out house & she necks at the Hollywood sign?! Wtf

  3. wait, word 2010 does blog posts? WHAT? I didn't know that!
    It's such a special moment when your baby begins saying understandable words & the fact that your husband cried as well speaks volumes! So happy that your husband is such a great daddy

  4. I knew nothing about word 2010 being able to do blog posts. How did you discover this?

    I think it's weird that the first time Kristen Stewart actually publically admitted that she was with whatshisface was when she was apologizing for cheating on him. I have never seen the Twilight movies (or read the books), but I liked him as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and she just seems grumpy and spoiled, so I hope he dumps her.

  5. Yay! How exciting?! He said Mama! : ) Hope you have a great weekend!