Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

We are almost there guys!!  Phew, this has definitely been a trying week that's for sure.  One more day and my boss leaves for two weeks.  I can do this!

Since it's Thursday, you get the drill.  Head on over and say hello to Amber.  I really do love these linkies!

Its Ok Thursdays

IT'S OK...

that I am going to have to take some time away from my mom for a while.  Seriously, the woman is making me crazy.
that I wish the news would stop talking about Katie and Tom.  People get divorced every single day!!!!!

that I got aggravated and had to put Oliver in his crib this morning.  A whiney baby is not a happy mama.

that I wish one of Oliver's new teachers spoke better English.  I really can't understand a word she says.

that I plan out a cruise for us for next year sans babies even though we have no money at all to put a deposit down.

that I had a Diet Pepsi at lunch on Tuesday.  Yep, I did.  

that I apparently can't take meds for my all day sickness because I'm a zombie even 15+ hours later.

that I wish December would just hurry up and get here.  

that I may have to either fake an illness or pay for an ultrasound myself because I CANNOT wait until the end of October to find out what Dos is!!!!

that I wish I lived at the beach.

Well, I hope everyone has a great Thursday.  I'll update about my first real appointment with Dos tomorrow.


  1. I wish I lived on the beach too!

  2. I wish I was at the beach, too!!! And plan away with that cruise! Y'all deserve it

  3. I wish I was closer to the beach! Haven't been to one in like 7 years! Definitely okay to have to take a break and put the little one down in the crib for a bit. A sometimes just needs a minute away from me & then we're both fine!

  4. Let's move to the beach together - Seriously! Lol

    stop by and say hi sometime!

  5. Wouldn't it be nice to live at the beach! We're going on vacation next month and I cannot wait!

  6. OMG I know what you're saying about moms but my nemesis is my boyfriend's mom! Sometimes, we're totally cool and then sometimes I'm like......we need a break. But this is my plight for dating an only child.

    How far from the beach do you live? Come visit! I live like, 10 minutes from one! :)

  7. hope you feel better soon! and definitely plan that cruise. everyone needs a break, even if things are tight! :) sometimes a girl just needs a break and a trip to the beach!

  8. I love when my boss goes on vacation! It is like a vacation for me! :-) You know I feel your pain about work. Definitely okay to put Oliver in his crib when mommy is frustrated...they actually encourage it in the hospital when you have a baby now to prevent "shaken baby" and related syndromes. Not that I think you'd ever do that to him, but just think about it that you are doing what's best for him. And I think I'm almost as excited and impatient as you to find out what Dos will be! :-)

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