Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

Whoa, I never thought this day would come.  Seriously, weeks tend to fly by for me nowadays but not this one!  I think between the sickness in the house, Dos sickness, etc., life has just thrown me for a wallop.

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Dear Oliver:  You melted my heart saying mama.  I have been harassing you for MONTHS to say it so when you actually did I couldn’t believe my ears.  Thank you so much for capping off an otherwise dreadful week with something so wonderful and memorable.  

Makes me so happy he loves food

Dear South Carolina weather:  I hate you.  I seriously do.  You aren’t welcome here anymore.  Take this 100+ degree and go west (sorry Natalie).  I am over it being 84 degrees upstairs in my house. 
Dear Gertrude:  I just wanted to say you are the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned.  Thank you for being so maternal and wonderful when Oliver climbs all over you. 
Dear Barber:  I’m sad you weren't open so we didn't get to have Oliver's hair trimmed.  Seriously, he looks like a shaggy dog.  :(

It's so bad!!!

Dear Aunt JCC:  Thanks for taking Oliver today.  I know he just loves you and I can’t believe he’s starting to wave now!  It was the highlight of my week getting pictures and videos all day of my sweet boy and sister wife. 
Dear Joshy:  Thanks for letting me cry at night and be upset lately.  This too shall pass.  I love you more than when I met you…almost 2 years ago!!!
Dear Dos:  Unless I’m crazy, I’ve felt the beginnings of you moving around and saying hello.  Keep up the good work!  Can’t wait to finally put a real name to your nickname and start planning YOU. 

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!  Anybody doing anything exciting?


  1. Yay for Oliver saying Mama! My kids seemed to say Mama first too, but it was usually in a fussy and crying way. Of course, they are all happy when they say dada over and over and over...figures! ;-)

  2. I don't mind you sending your heat to me. It's so hot here we wouldn't even notice a few extra degrees. I felt Elliott a lot sooner than Spencer so you probably are feeling Dos. That is so exciting!

  3. By the way, that was me, Natalie, up above. I'm on my moms iPad. Taylor is my cousin....she must have logged in on this and never logged out. Sorry for the confusion. I was pretty confused myself when it posted as Taylor.

  4. I'm so glad this week is finally over for you!!! We had such a good date yesterday and we will do it again soon. And when that happens ill be bombarding you with more pictures and videos!!!