Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Head on over and say hello to Megan.  I'm once again linking up with her today.

Sometimes (Okay, always) my husband falls asleep before I do.  This is where the sometimes comes in...sometimes I act like a child and take video of me harassing him.
Always He forgives me and laughs along with me when he sees the video the next morning.  Yep, I totally posted it on Facebook.

Sometimes I feel like I'm literally going to die from this heat.
Always I thank goodness for AC and remember that summer does not last forever.

Sometimes I get a major craving for Genghis Grill.
Always I think the closest one is in Charlotte and is it really worth it to drive an hour for food?  
(Sidebar:  Yes, Genghis Grill is, in fact, worth an hour drive)

Sometimes I get so stressed out because Oliver's room is 78 degrees and stays that way for hours.  Seriously, we're talking almost panic attack stressed.
Always We just lug his Pack N Play in our room and get to have a sleepover!!

Sometimes I have bad days at work and wonder how am I ever going to get up and do this again tomorrow?
Always I come home and see Oliver's smiling face and I completely forget what I was upset about to begin with.

Seriously, I'm not a grownup.  I've been watching that video as I've been posting this and I can't stop laughing.  I'm supposed to mold a young human's mind?  Lord help us all!!

Well I hope everyone has a great day and survived Monday!  


  1. I'm so glad you posted the video. I've watched it twice now!!!!

    1. We shouldn't be allowed alone with a child.

  2. Um, does your hubby sleep in his glasses? Haha! I've never been to Genghis Grill...I think this is gonna call for a bloggy meet and greet one of these days so you can introduce me to it! ;-) Does Oliver have a fan in his room? He probably does, but I just thought that might help a little with the temp. Our baby monitor tracks the temp in B's room too.

    Seriously, don't those babies always know how to make it all better?

    1. He falls asleep in his glasses all.the.time. Josh has a gift for being able to sleep anywhere, anytime.

      Oh, we should definitely get together sometime!!!! It's kind of a cross between hibachi and Chinese, I guess.

      We have a fan going but I think all it does is push hot air around. It's a ceiling fan, does that make a difference?

    2. It might. Our house didn't have ceiling fixtures at all in the spare bedrooms so we had to get creative with lighting for those rooms. No ceiling fans so both kids have portable fans. Those do seem to help circulate cool air. How did you add the reply options back to your blog? I can't find them anywhere!

    3. Hmmm, maybe we should try a box fan or something then? I didn't even think that maybe the ceiling fan wasn't helping.

      I changed the comments from popup screen to embedded and the reply was there again. Blogger genius I am! Ha, just kidding!!

  3. I LOVE the video. I do the same thing to Ginger! Do not tell your husband that I just kind of sort of compared him to my dog.

    I've never heard of Genghis Grill. Must be an East Coast thing.

    I also felt like I was going to die last summer. I would take Spencer to swim lessons and it would be 115 degrees on the deck. Not good when you're pregnant. This summer is just as hot, but way more tolerable with no baby gestating inside me.

    1. No you do not!!!!!! OMG, we started that with Dewey then when Oliver came along we did it to him then when Josh passed out on Saturday I was like oh you're in trouble mister. That's too damn funny!

      I can normally tolerate the heat but I swear baking a human changes everything. Ugh, and let's not even start about the hot flashes and sweating that happen afterwards. Please remind me of this if I start talking about wanting a third. I'm so blessed, believe me, but man pregnancy is no joke the first trimester.

  4. That is an awesome video!

    Yeah, I'm not a heat girl! This heat wave has been ridiculous!

    1. I was a little worried people might think I was a homophobe or something. It's kind of our running joke about Josh being more feminine than me. He's really lovey dovey and romantic while I'm the complete opposite.

      If this heat doesn't end soon I may melt away. Woo hoo for it being 84 right now. Seriously, who gets excited about that??