Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Definitely one of my favorite days of the week!  It's that day again, go check out Megan and say hello to her while you're there!

Sometimes I actually remember what I  had a dream about the night before.
Always I have crazy ass dreams while I'm pregnant.  Last year it was Matt Bomer.  So far he hasn't made an appearance yet.

Sometimes I wish we could just eat out every single meal so I could be lazy and not heat up my house to over 80 degrees.
Always I feel accomplished and proud of myself that I actually cooked (like last night...woo hoo!!).  Seriously, I LOVE to cook.  Not sure what's wrong with me lately.

Sometimes I want to go get Oliver out of his crib after he goes to bed at night, just so I can snuggle him and love on him while he'll still let me.
Always I am so thankful we have such a good sleeper who loves to sleep as much as his mommy and daddy do. 

Sometimes I see pictures of puppies and think man I'd really love a new dog.
Always I snap back to reality and think are you freaking crazy Valerie?!?!  2 dogs and 2 cats is plenty of pets!!!

Sometimes I worry Josh is going to smarten up and realize that he can do so much better than me, especially in the showing affection department (yeah, I'll confess I'm NOT a touchy feely kind of person and I don't do the warm fuzzies for the most part).
Always I try to remember that he does love me and wouldn't have married me if he didn't.

Sometimes I watch shark shows and get really bummed that I didn't follow my dream of swimming and working with them as a kid.
Always I hope that one day I'll get to at least dive with them.

This last one, there is no sometimes.  I Always watch Oliver and wonder if he's hitting milestones like he's supposed to.  Make him make eye contact with me, etc.  I swear I have a problem. 

No desire to crawl or pull up yet but, hey, at least he can sit on his own and (halleluiah) hold his own bottle!!!

Well I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and, if you have tomorrow off, enjoy yourself and your family.  I can't wait to put Oliver's special July 4th outfit on!!!


  1. I love love LOVE the title of your blog!

    And I feel the same way about cooking. The stove can heat up the whole place in this heat! However... I know I cannot eat out for every meal... since my behind would be eating fried chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. lol

  2. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you stopped by.

    Don't I know that!?!?! I know I'd be eating horribly every day if I was given the opportunity. Mmmm, food.

  3. I absolutely live your Tuesday postings!

  4. Awww, Oliver is so cute, and it looks like he is developing just fine, Mama! As you've seen, my youngest was not interested in crawling until about 10 months and has just started showing a little interest in walking. He'll get there, I promise. Just be thankful we have two boys who appreciate their food and are so healthy and happy...and that he loves sleeping! Hallelujah! If he is smiling and giggling at you, he is doing great!