Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Humpday Randoms

My 7 month old (also known as a petri dish) has managed to get both mommy and daddy sick. Oh today has been so much fun!!!! I hope everyone has had a good week so far. Just a few randoms....

I'm in a major funk lately. I'm so depressed about my professional life and my education that I don't even know how to breathe sometimes. This too shall pass. I know I'm a lucky wan and I've been spending every day telling myself that.

Baby boy is alllllllmost crawling. He gets so mad that he can't go where he wants. It's kind of funny to watch sometimes. And oh my goodness he has spotted my necklace that I wear almost every day. Ooooooh shiny. Give it! I need it! I have a feeling my boy is going to eventually be into everything.

We have been tossing around ideas about moving. Guess we will see if anything pans out with that.

I think I'm going to break down and have an elective ultrasound done at 15 weeks because seriously who wants to wait 12 more to find out what Dos is???? Not this chick.

Well I took some pregnancy safe cold drugs and will hopefully be snoring very very soon. Thanks for being so supportive y'all. I know I sound dreadful lately and I promise it won't last forever!!!! See y'all tomorrow.


  1. Feel better soon! :) Being a sicky sam in the summer stinks!

  2. Why do you have to wait that long for an ultrasound? Most doctors do the ultrasound at 17 to 20 weeks because that's a good time to determine gender...earlier is a big risk you won't be able to tell yet. We did pay for a 3D ultrasound at special ultrasound facility but you want to wait until later to do that so you really see what baby looks can see EVERYTHING with those. I'm not sure if you did that with Oliver, but it is so fun. They usually make you a CD with lots of pictures on it and may even make a movie set to music where you can actually watch the baby moving. I did it here: but I'm sure there is a place closer to you. Hope you all get better soon!

  3. 7 month old as petri dish? Hiiiiilaaaaaarious! And also sadly true.

    I got sick right after I got pregnant with Spencer. Like, took a pregnancy test and the next day was sick. We hadn't told anyone (and didn't until I was 10 weeks) and my mom (totally oblivious) was like, I just don't understand why you don't take some medicine. I will never forget just how crappy I felt. Pregnant and sick is a double whammy.

    Guess what I did today? Talked to a realtor. I think you should do the same!

  4. Lots going on but, it will pass. Just take one day at a time. I love that your counting your blessings and not just letting the frustrations take over. Because that baby boy is ADORABLE!! :) Hope you feel better!!