Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

We made it, y'all!!  Woo hoo.  So glad it's Friday.  Seriously, that's what got me out of bed this morning.  For reals.

Seeing that it's Friday, I think y'all know the drill by now.  Ashley is doing the linking, we do the posting.

Dear Bloggie World:  Thank you for being so nice to me and for letting me meet such cool people over the past few months.  This is my 100th post!!!  I love that people have come by to say hello and have given me such good insight into things.  I am definitely extremely thankful.
Dear Mom:  Don't you think four missed FaceTime calls, 5 missed calls and 7 text messages might be a little on the excessive side?  I'm sorry that you feel like diaper rash is an urgent matter that you thought something was wrong with us but don't you think I would have called you if something bad had happened??  Sorry that I took some medicine and it made me pass out a little after 8 last night.  You need to tone down the INSANITY by at least fifty notches.  Seriously.
Dear Oliver:  You are almost can do it little guy!  I know you can be crawling before the weekend is over.  Mommy has faith in you.  
Dear Work:  It would be nice if you'd show appreciation for all the things some of us do around here.  This favoritism is completely ridiculous and I will never understand why I get yelled at for being on the phone with my mom while my stepdad had another seizure and was in the hospital but the bitch next to me has been on the phone at least an hour every. single. day. for the past month.  What gives??
Dear Dos:  It was so nice to see you on Wednesday.  We had our first official appointment with the doctor and he wasn't able to find your heartbeat on the Doppler (mommy wasn't worried but it really did look like daddy was about to throw up) so they rolled the ultrasound machine from 1492 into the room and there you were, ninja kicking me and backflipping away.  Doctor says kicks and backflips can't happen unless there's a heartbeat attached to those so we're taking it!  We are all set to welcome you into this world by csection on Monday, January 28, 2013 (well, unless you have other ideas, of course).  AND, mommy lost 10 pounds already.  What, what!!  
Dear People of Aurora, Colorado:  I would be remiss not to mention how saddened I am for the people in Colorado today, worrying about their loved ones and what happened at the movie theater last night.  Such an innocent event was turned into something much, much worse.  I feel for anyone dealing with this.  I hope no one else loses their life because of this senseless act and the disturbed gunman can get the serious help that he desperately needs.  Really, you have to be completely insane to do something like that, right??

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Try to stay cool, calm and love one another. 


  1. Sweet post! I, too, am so glad its Friday! I just wish the weekend was a little longer and didn't involve so much rain in the forecast. *Sigh* Try to remember that your mom calls and messages so much because she loves you...I wish I had a mom who ever called just to check on us. She only ever calls to complain about her own situation and health! I can't believe Oliver is almost crawling...look out mom! That is so sad about that tragedy in Colorado! Ugh, why do crazies always get guns? But I don't think outlawing guns would help because crazies can always get them (legally or illegally), and sane people need to be able to protect themselves and their families! I feel you on work (again)...seems like we work at the same place! :-(

  2. I can't believe this is your 100th post!!! This is so exciting. We must celebrate.

  3. 100th post! Wooohoo!! Perhaps that beach trip IS in order!! :)

  4. I like Kim's thinking that a beach trip is in order for a celebration

  5. WOW 100 post! YAY!

    I was so sad to hear about Colorado. My heart breaks for those families! Glad Dos is doing well!

    Have a good weekend!