Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Humpday Randoms

Happy Wednesday everybody!  Boy don't I wish today was a holiday like last week.  I don't remember being this genuinely exhausted when I was baking Oliver.  I go to bed before 9 and I'm still dragging all day long. 

I am a shark fanatic, which I'm thinking might be a little obvious.  Well, I turned it on Shark Wranglers last night and it appears my boy is enthralled too.

I'm sure it was only because it was tv but whatever.  He's never actually sat there and been mesmerized before.  I'm putting that in the W column.

Oliver only took one nap at daycare yesterday and I guess he was a bit of a bear at 5 until Daddy came to pick him up.  Seriously, I work 8 minutes from home and when I walked in the door, this is what I found.  8 minutes people.  I'm telling you, they have a gift.

Mommies, is is okay if I put Oliver to bed at 6 or 6:30 instead of his normal bedtime of 7?  Apparently, after this week when he moves to the other side of the room where the kids are bigger and mobile, he will only get 1 nap a day and my boy loves to sleep.  I just don't know if 6/6:30 is too early a bedtime and I'm going to seem like a crazy mom for putting him down then. 

I have my first technical appointment tomorrow with my OB, which is generally with their nurse.  Since I just did this a little over a year ago (first appointments, I mean), we are meeting over the phone.  I'll go see my actual OB next Wednesday and will get to hear the heartbeat, God willing.  I forget sometimes that I'm pregnant.  Well, until I try to put my clothes on and the top is so tight I have to wrangle myself into a dress.  I know I'm a fatty but I swear I've popped a little already and my boobs are definitely bigger than a few weeks ago.  Oh body, how you deceive me!

Well, that's about as random as you can get I think.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.  I feel like I'm living for the weekends lately so I can sleep, sleep and sleep some more. 


  1. I'd say something to the day care. Babies at this age still need 2 or more naps. It's not fair to cut the sleep that he needs just because he's moving to the other side of the room. Just my personal opinion.

    Love the picture of him watching TV. Elliott tries to do that and I say, "No TV for babies". Of course he doesn't listen.

    1. I'm really hoping if he's grouchy they'll let him nap on his own terms. If he comes home like a bear too many nights I may have to make some changes. I have come in at random times and there have been kids on the side he's about to be moved to who were napping so I hope that rings true with him. My boy loves his sleep.

  2. Doctors appts. So exciting. Even if tomorrow's is over the phone it's still exciting