Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

Woo hoo, it's Friday.  I'm all for instating an every Wednesday off rule from here on out.  Who is with me??  Anyone?  Anyone? 


Go on over and say hello to Ashley since I'm linking up with her today.

Dear Boss:  I realize that this is a trying time for you right now and very busy but this job isn't my life and I will not make it about that.  The way you talk to me is abhorrent and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Dear Body:  Please go easy on me.  For some reason I feel like you've gotten out of control lately and being pregnant isn't helping.  Seriously, I cannot get on a scale right now.  This is so sad.

Dear Summer:  I normally love you, really I do.  Enough with the 105+ degree days already.  You've made your damn point.

Dear Bloggers:  This one is really grating on my nerves recently.  I love your giant blog and getting to read all about your (fill in the blank here).  However, is it necessary to have every. single. post sponsored by something??  Do we really need to learn about our parks?  Or how Arm and Hammer is better for this or that?  Maybe it's just me but I'm about to delete at least ten blogs off my read list because I'm tired of this.  

Dear Hormones:  As listed above, tone it down.  You are all over the place lately.  Getting into a Facebook fight with your aunt probably wasn't too smart.  Sigh.

Dear Matt Bomer:  I love you.  Yes, I love you.  You and me have a date this summer starting on Tuesday night.  Let the pregnancy dreams begin...

Dear Oliver:  I see the wheels in your head turning lately and I just know at any moment that you are going to start getting into everything!  Lord help us all.

See, that's the face of trouble right there!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful weekend!  So glad it's here already. 


  1. First of all - LOVE that dress in your banner. Second of all - we should always have Wednesdays off. I totally thought I was going to hate it but it was absolutely amazing to spend all day yesterday remembering "oh my God - it ISN'T Monday!!!" It was perfect.

    Precious little guy right there :) seems like you definitely have your hands full!!

    Visiting from Friday's letters!

  2. Totally feel you on the hormones... and i've been unpregnant for over a year... oops.

  3. Have you read 50 shades of Grey?? I think Matt Bomer would be the perfect Christian! He is so dreamy!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Wednesday's off...I'll second or third that motion! Hehe! I have no ads so I better remain on your reading list, blog friend! Yes, working for attorneys can be a real pain sometimes...haha! I have been very disappointed in my body lately too. I wish I could blame pregnancy, but I blame school more. I put on weight as soon as I started back and then pregnancy didn't help and now I have no free time to exercise and get it off. *Sigh* Maybe one day I can stop looking 3 months prego! :-)

    1. Response: Yes, Brody got to tag along. I need to do a post for that and just haven't had the chance. Brody loved the fireworks...he actually woke up to watch because it was after 11:00 p.m. when they started. Evan sat crying with his hands over his ears and his eyes squeezed shut. I mean, come on kid, can't you at least WATCH them? Ugh! In some ways, Evan has stayed the same, but he has definitely changed a lot. He is still as sweet and loving and smart as always, but he isn't as whiny as he used to be. Although I did love the baby stage, I do love having a bigger kid now. We can carry on adult-like conversations, and we really love the sports and activities he is involved in. I love helping him learn...hence my excitement over him recently starting to read. So my answer is that I love all stages of childhood so far...not sure how I'll manage those teen years yet! ;-)

  5. Every Wednesday off! YES!

    Sorry about the hormones, mine have been a bit erratic after the MC... I really feel sorry for J LOL


  6. You're allowed to act however you're pregnant!!!! I love that picture of Oliver and his little romper!

  7. I agree, too, about Wednesdays off! Love you Fridays letters as always

  8. boss needs to watch it!!!


    have a good one!