Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and your week is starting off on the right foot.  I went Facebook official about Dos last night....yikes!!!

Anyway, I'm linking up with Megan.  Head on over and say hello!

Sometimes Gertrude shows moments where she's actually a smart dog.
Always She runs into a wall or chases her tail and that thought flies out the window.

She has learned that standing on this step makes her tall enough to look out the window

Sometimes I think I will be good and cook at home.
Always (at least lately) I feel too horrible to do anything but get in bed and have food brought to me.

Sometimes Oliver is not feeling it and downright refuses to take any pictures.
Always We can at least get one halfway decent one, even if he does look unimpressed.

His name is written there but his little belly is covering it :)

Sometimes I get a little upset that not a single person in my family said congrats or anything when we announced that we were expecting again.  On either side.
Always I am overwhelmed by the love shown to us and the congrats we received on Facebook.  Screw my loser families.

Sometimes I get mad at Josh because he takes 3 naps during the day and still falls asleep before 9.  Seriously, I wanted to punch him in the throat (damn hormones).  Okay, I can't blame all of that on hormones.
Always That just gives me an excuse to watch the Real Housewives in peace.

So what's the story with y'all?  I'm ready to read some other confessions!!!  

Everyone have a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. I love his big brother shirt! Sorry your families weren't openly supportive, but maybe they are like and just not very tech savvy. My parents can never figure out the proper way to comment on pictures and statuses. Haha! Half the time a message meant for me is written as their facebook status! Hope they'll show you and Baby Dos lots of love!

    1. Ugh...I hate when I don't catch typos. Apparently I got ahead of myself and left out the word "mine after the like. Haha!

    2. He he, your parents sound totally adorable. My mom has a iPhone. Seriously, why does she need an iPhone????

      I thought babies brought people together not tear them apart?!?! Sigh.

  2. Is that the etsy shirt? It's adorable. You'd better get used to Oliver refusing to take pictures. Spencer, still at age almost 5, can be a pill about pictures. Sometimes he does great. Most of the time, not so much.

    1. Yes ma'am, it is! I don't think he's going to be able to wear it too terribly long so I figured I should snap one and he wore it to school today too.

      Boo, I'm hoping Oliver doesn't always do that. I love pictures!!! But, I don't like being in them myself. No thanks. Don't need a record of my fatness.

  3. Love the Big Brother shirt - and those cute cheeks, too! Happy Tuesday to you.

  4. I love your little Oliver! I am happy to find another family that loves that name as much as we do! Check out my post if you get a chance. Loved your sometimes & always this week.