Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Happy Tuesday everybody!  Hope your week is going wonderful.  I can't believe it's already almost Wednesday.  Please stop on over and say hello to Megan.  She just recently revealed that she is going to be a mommy around the same time that Dos is due!!

Sometimes I wish I was one of my pets because, seriously, they have the best lives.
Always I'm so thankful for the comic relief they provide on an hourly basis.

Sometimes  I get a little twinge of sad that Oliver looks so much like Josh. 
Always He sneaks and has moments of me.  Seriously, I had a blankie until about two years ago.  Judge if you must.

Sometimes I have really bad days, especially thinking about the daunting tasks that will be upon our family in the next few months.
Always I remember just how thankful and lucky I am.  I tell myself that on an hourly basis.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and do things over again, especially when it comes to school and my childhood.
Always I wouldn't want the little family I have now any different.  Take the good with the bad.

Sometimes I get frustrated and just really fricking don't want to deal with doing Oliver's routine at night.  I stay up too late watching the Olympics and I'm tired.
Always His chunky little face just cracks me up and makes me happy.

Sometimes I want to punch whoever posts online the results of the Olympics in the face.  Come on people, why would I want to know that Michael Phelps won or lost BEFORE the race is even shown??
Always I watch anyway.

Have a great rest of the evening y'all.  See ya again tomorrow!!


  1. I think Tuesday's are my favorite blog post day! I love sometimes and always day.

  2. Awww I love a blankie boy! And I had to wait until number 2 to get my look-a-like so maybe Dos will be your twin. Either way he/ she will be cute! I hate that the news broadcast the results BEFORE we get to watch. What the heck? I wish I had a magic genie so I could wish all our worries away but we'll be stronger for them! :-)

  3. I had a stuffed rabbit that I slept with into adulthood. I don't think I ever did after I got married (I was 22 when I got married), but I think I did in college. It is still in my closet. Spencer hasn't found it yet, thank goodness.

    As you know well, Ginger is a constant source of comedy in this house. Hooray for our funny animals.

  4. I wanted to cry when one of my friends posted about the Olympics results one night! Rude! Haha!!

    Thanks for linking up!!