Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Liebster Award

Can you believe I'm writing about a blog award I've been nominated for??  This is the most incredible and amazing thing ever.  Seriously, remember how I said Sherry was the sweetest person ever?  I was totally not kidding at all.  She nominated ME!!  Me?!?!?!  I could not be honored and thrilled about this.

This award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.  Liebster is German and means sweetest, kind, lovely, endearing and welcome.

How it works:

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer questions that the tagger sets for you and then create 11 questions for the bloggers that you tag.
  • Choose up to 11 bloggers and link them to your post
  • Go to their page & tell them 
  • No tag backs :)
  • And lastly, have fun!!
11 Things about me:
I hate sweets.  I can have a piece of cake and be satisfied for months.
I am an only child, although I have a sister who would be 24 this year who is in Heaven.  My mom went into labor when she was 22 weeks and my sister didn't make it.  
I have horrible self esteem.  It's completely dreadful.  My husband can tell me 100 times how pretty I am and I never hear any of it.
I treat my animals as if they are my children.  I have a biological child and my love for him is pretty much the same as my love for my dogs Dewey and Gertrude.  I hope that doesn't sound bad!
I cannot stand children who are rude or who are extremely spoiled.  Nothing melts my heart more than hearing yes ma'am, etc. coming out of a child's mouth.
I want to swim with sharks.  Any of them.  All of them.  I don't care!
I wish I had gone to medical school to help women who can't have babies on their own.  
I am obsessed with music, although I can't play an instrument to save my life.  

I love to cook but don't do much of that right now because the sight and smell of food makes me sick to my stomach.

I have a terrible temper, which I have been working on for years now.  
I am so envious of people who have a strong faith, whatever that faith may be.  I've struggled with that my entire life...well, ever since I was 10 and my sister died.  Haven't gotten it back since.

Questions for me:
1.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? This may be close to impossible.  I would love to go ANYWHERE in the world.  But, if I had to say an absolute top pick, it'd be Australia so I could dive the Great Barrier Reef.

2.  Who is your best friend in the world and how did you meet him/her?  I feel bad if I don't say Josh because he's an awesome guy.  But, my absolute best friend in the world is Julia.  Ha ha, we literally met in the parking lot of my apartment about 25 seconds before she got in my car and rode to Birmingham, Alabama to watch the Gamecocks play in a bowl game almost 3 years ago.  Our mutual friend Brittany was there as well so technically she introduced us.

3.  Did you have a childhood hero, and if so, who was it?  Y'all are going to think I'm insane but Valerie Taylor.  She is a shark expert, photographer and all around cool lady.  She used to jump in the water with them back when people were just testing out chainmail suits and didn't even flinch.  I always thought she was a total badass.
4.  What is your favorite beverage (alcoholic or not)?  DIET COKE!!!!!

5.  If you could have a vacation home in a destination of your choice, where would it be?  North Litchfield, South Carolina or Tybee Island, Georgia.  I just love those places.

6.  What is your dream job?  Look at that!!  I didn't even know this question was on here.  I'd love to be a Reproductive Endocrinologist so I could help families have the children they deserve.

7.  What is your greatest goal in life?  To raise respectful, responsible children who are good people.

8.  What is your idea of the perfect date?  Dinner with 2 hands!  Seriously, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

9.  If you could buy anything (just one thing though), what would it be?  Good question!  Hmmm, this is so tricky.  I think a nice little cottage near the beach so we could go on little respites whenever we had a chance.  
10.  Would you rather be able to sing or dance if you could only do one really well?  Definitely sing.  I really do love music and wish I could sing.
11.  What color do you wear to make yourself feel better?  Purple.  Hey, it's the color of royalty right?

And now, my questions...

1.  What is your biggest fear?
2.  What is your favorite word?
3.  Are you a morning person or night person?
4.  If you could do things over again, would you?  Any aspect of your life.
5.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
6.  Nature or nurture?
7.  What is your favorite movie?
8.  If you could change one thing about yourself, would you?  What would it be?
9.  What has blogging done for you?
10.  What would you like to do when you retire?
11.  Describe yourself in just one word.

I tried to think of questions that were both lighthearted and serious as well.  I know I'm all over the place but I really do like to get to know people on many different levels!

The nominees are...

Lauren@ Aunt Lala Lauren is one of the sweetest, most inspirational women I have had the pleasure of getting to know.
CourtneyAnna@Finally Forever CourtneyAnna has hands down one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen in my life.  Their strength while handling Sully's heart surgeries is inspiring!
Court@Our Pathway to Parenthood Court is so vivacious and positive, even in the midst of her fertility treatments and setbacks that come with that.  I have learned so much from her and really do enjoy keeping up with where she is and how she's feeling.
Anne@Reflections, Receipts and Rants I have known Anne for seriously almost my entire life.  We met in middle school and graduated together.  Sad that it took the internet for us to reconnect and become such good friends after all this time!  And so many miles between us.
Annabelle@The Carolina Country Girl  Annabelle is a total badass from South Carolina (girl after my own heart) so I just had to include her.  She's got lots of loyal readers and may have already received such an award but I wanted y'all to at least go meet her!!
Shannon@This Crazy Beautiful Life   I just "met" Shannon a month or so ago and I really love her blog.  We have boys relatively close in age and I can relate to a lot of what she writes about. 

Okay, I hope I didn't forget anyone.  A lot of the blogs I read are like SUPER BLOGS and have 1,000+ followers so this would not apply to them.  Besides, the ladies I mentioned above are just so wonderful and I want y'all to get to know them better.

BTW, Natalie, I would have included you but Sherry beat me to it!!  You know I love you too.

Again, I am so honored to be chosen by Sherry for this and it gives me a little opportunity to learn more about y'all as well.  So, thanks again and I can't wait to read about y'all too. 


  1. Great post and answers! I loved getting to know you. We need to work on that self-esteem issue, missy! Definitely my idea of a great vacation home too...I just want a little spot close to the ocean where I can go anytime I want.

  2. You are one of the most fantastic people I know. I so lucky to have you as my best friend in the whole wide world! That trip was seriously the best thing to happen (well besides Oliver and now dos!)

  3. THANK YOU FOR THE NOMINATION!! About to blog it now :)